Dr. Patricia A. Smith of Charlotte, NC

“Totally awesome! Everyone was actively engaged in discussions, listening, responding, and even smiles and laughter. What a Night! They loved Lesson #11. “

“We spent 4 and one-half hours talking about “Sex is God’s Design”

“Three of the six leaders walked me to my car continuing to express how for the first time the youth had ever opened up and spoke up in their church and without fear of someone in the church looking down on them or not being listened to. They want back! It was a grand success! I must say that Lesson #11 was the spark to actively engage my audience. I made copies of the question to hand out to the audience. They had just painted their walls so no posters could go up so I used plan #2 (the handout).

I cannot thank you enough for giving me the right question (Lesson #11) to ask to the right people at the right time and most of all – I got their answers to the questions. Thank you so very much for permitting me to use your Project A.D.A.P.T. program.”