March of Dimes Recipient (Project A.D.A.P.T)

School Health Education Leadership Institute participant

Project A.D.A.P.T. recipient of DOH State of NY Dept. of Health-        

Abstinence Education and Promotion activities Grant ($30,000)

 Parenting Education Regional Peer Review recipient (Project A.D.A.P.T.)

NYSDOE HIV/AIDS trained/trainer

Breast Cancer Education through Maurer Foundation

Parenting Education Certified

Alliance for Healthier Generation "Ambassador"

Answer (Sex Ed, Honestly) PD Certified

Paula Boyd B.A, M.S.

Teacher & Facilitator


Commended for excellence in innovation, creativity, organization and grant writing, Paula “B” possesses a unique ability to establish an ongoing rapport with students, parents, staff and administration.   Having successfully taught a diverse group of both upper and undergraduates, Paula continues to develop a sound knowledge of the Navigational Stars, functional knowledge, NYS and National Health standards.  Possessing an unprecedented talent, unique gift and an innate passion to educate individuals and groups alike on the many [and sometimes taboo] topics associated with health, lifestyle choices, behaviors, nutrition etc., continues to be the catalysts by which she takes a creative yet, confident approach to promote health education and awareness. Paula’s originality, age sensitive methodology and her hands-on attitude create and maintain the foundations, by which she continues to captivate, motivate, educate and sustain her audiences’ attention.  Her thought provoking open ended question and answer sessions unequivocally leave lasting impressions, and an effective drive towards safer and healthier lifestyles.

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